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Speaking of JESUS

Speaking of JESUS

Speaking of JESUS

Join us each week to hear real people having a real conversation about life, Jesus, and what he means to them. We encourage you to invite Jesus into your everyday conversations, too. Learn more >>

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September 13, 2020: Speaking of Messy Prayers

The message that sparked the conversation ... Fireplace Spirituality.

Which image describes your prayer life: a neat furnace or a messy fireplace? Join us in a conversation about household prayer, parables of the lost, and spiritually vibrant homes.

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September 06, 2020: Speaking of Households of Faith

The message that sparked the conversation ... Jesus in the House.

Households don’t all look the same. Married with kids, single, divorced, married without kids, shared dorm space...The people who we live life with make up our household even if they aren’t in our family. Join us as we discuss the nature of spiritual conversations in diverse households.

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August 30, 2020: Speaking of Commonality

The message that sparked the conversation ... He Loved Them to the End.

You don’t have to look far to see the divisions that separate people, but a deeper search reveals commonality as well. Join our conversation with friends from Laos, Uruguay, England, and Africa as they discuss the resurrection of Christ and how it draws us together despite our differences.

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August 23, 2020: Speaking of Hidden Motives

The message that sparked the conversation ... The Darkness Has Not Overcome It.

Actions speak for themselves, except when they don’t. Have you ever come to a conclusion about someone’s intent based on their actions...only to find out you were wrong? Join us in a conversation about double agents, the masked will of God, and hidden motives.

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August 16, 2020: Speaking of Delayed Gratification

The message that sparked the conversation ... Life Worth Living.

What do marshmallows, shoes, and delayed gratification have to do with John chapter 12? Join our round-table discussion and find out.

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August 09, 2020: Speaking of Fathers

The message that sparked the conversation ... Is God Everybody's Father?.

What kinds of things did you learn from your father-figure? Whether your dad is awesome, absent, or somewhere in-between it’s hard to deny the influence. Join us in a conversation about the only perfect Father and how he sees his children.

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