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Speaking of JESUS

Speaking of JESUS

Speaking of JESUS

Join us each week to hear real people having a real conversation about life, Jesus, and what he means to them. We encourage you to invite Jesus into your everyday conversations, too. Learn more >>

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January 05, 2020: Speaking of Physical Altercations

The message that sparked the conversation ... Mercy In This Dojo.

Have you ever been in a fist fight? What about wrestling or the martial arts? No matter what your experience level with physical altercations, this podcast gives the topic a whole new twist with the story of Jacob and his sons.

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December 29, 2019: Speaking of 2019

The message that sparked the conversation ... VDMA.

Good Bye 2019! What are some of the good things that the Lord has blessed you with in the past year? Are there any parts of 2019 that are still hard to talk about? Join us in a frank discussion about vulnerability, set-backs, and standing in the gap.

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December 21, 2019: Speaking of Presence

The message that sparked the conversation ... Here to Stay.

Christmas is a time of joy and peace, but the holidays can also feel lonely and isolating. Join us as we talk about being “present“ with our loved ones and the God who is truly present with us.

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December 15, 2019: Speaking of Goals

The message that sparked the conversation ... Love Is Enough.

What’s your greatest goal? Can you summarize it in a few sentences? That’s our focus today as we discuss Matthew chapter 22 and the command to love our neighbor.

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December 08, 2019: Speaking of Yes

The message that sparked the conversation ... God's Yes.

What’s the most significant yes you’ve ever received? A new offer on your house...a marriage proposal? Join us as we talk about God’s purpose and His resounding YES to you

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December 01, 2019: Speaking of Self-Talk

The message that sparked the conversation ... Enough with the Self-Talk.

If people could hear your thoughts what would they learn about you? The one-sided conversation in your mind influence more than your words. This week we discuss self-talk and how it can shape your identity

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