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In 2020, LHM set out to show that even during uncertain times, #HOPEABOUNDS. All around the world, individuals are desperately searching for hope. Many people who previously did not want to know Christ are open to hearing the Gospel. This makes #HOPEABOUNDS even more timely since individuals around the world, both non-Christian and Christian, need to hear Christ’s messages of hope, comfort, and love.

Through culturally relevant materials and programs, LHM shares the hopeful Gospel message with over 125 million people in more than 50 countries each week.

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#HOPEABOUNDS in my life when I see a rainbow

#HOPEABOUNDS in my life when a stranger smiles at me

#HOPEABOUNDS in my life when my husband does the dishes

#HOPEABOUNDS when I see a baptism at church

#HOPEABOUNDS as families open their doors to foster children

#HOPEABOUNDS in my life because I accepted a new job offer

#HOPEABOUNDS because my aunt is in cancer remission

Will you join us in sharing how #HOPEABOUNDS so more people can hear the hope of Jesus through the Gospel message?


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Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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