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Lutheran Hour Ministries Sunday

Lutheran Hour Ministries Sunday 2018: February 4, 2018

The news cycle today feeds our anxiety and fear for the future. We often feel ready to cry out,


Lutheran Hour Ministries wants to help you answer that question. Around the world, we are working to take the Gospel into challenging places.

LHM Sunday is about helping your congregation answer the question, "What can I do?". We want to show you some direct ways your congregation can lead the effort to reach people in your community and around the world.

Pastors and Ambassadors: You should have received a business reply card in the mail recently that can be filled out and returned to order your free materials. Or, for faster turnaround in fulfillment, you can download or order materials at the link below or call 1-800-876-9880.

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Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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