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Lutheran Hour Ministries Sunday

Lutheran Hour Ministries Sunday 2020
Discover LHM! – And the Joy of Spiritual Conversations

Join the celebration of Lutheran Hour Ministries Sunday on February 2, 2020, or any Sunday of your choosing throughout the year. This year, we will focus on the opportunities God gives each of us to engage in spiritual conversations with those around us. LHM offers a variety of resources to help equip you to meet people where they are in their faith journey, beginning conversations at natural points. LHM Sunday is also an opportunity to celebrate together the impact the Lord makes on those people’s lives, one heart at a time.

Resources for congregations to use on LHM Sunday 2020 are available to order now! To help make LHM Sunday as easy as possible, we will provide you with the following materials for FREE:

  • Bulletin Inserts
  • Hosting Guide
  • Poster
  • Individual Giving Envelopes
  • Treasurer’s Envelope
  • A Bible Study to use with your congregation, and if you want to dive a little deeper, visit LHM Learn for more study materials.

You can also download and print these materials. Please note, orders submitted after January 21 might not arrive until after February 2.

Pre-Order Materials

In addition to the materials above, LHM offers other Books and Resources for Spriritual Conversations.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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