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Lutheran Hour Ministries has produced several award-winning holiday specials, which aired on stations across the U.S. and Canada and were marketed under the name Envoy Productions. To see where these shows are airing in your area, visit our broadcast guide!

Easter Specials

The Puzzle Club® Easter Adventure
Springtime brings a challenging case and more adventure for those three clever detectives of The Puzzle Club - Christopher, Korina and Alex.

Easter Is
How do you draw Easter? In this animated special young Benji is chosen by his class to draw an Easter poster for a decorating contest. Benji knows that Easter is more than just colored eggs and cute rabbits, but what should he draw?

3 Days
More than just another reenactment of the Resurrection, "3 Days" portrays the often told Easter story with a "you are there" feel. The clever script and skillful acting bring true human dimensions to the events from Good Friday to Easter morning.

Christmas Specials

Little Shepherd is a 30-minute, animated Christmas special about how the birth of Jesus transforms a shepherd boy and his family. It is LHM's most recently produced TV special.

Red Boots for Christmas is a 30-minute, animated Christmas special based on a German folk tale about a grouchy shoemaker who comes to understand the gift of giving.

Christmas Is is a 30-minute, animated Christmas special about a boy who dreams he's a shepherd boy in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago.

The City That Forgot Christmas is a 30-minute animated Christmas special in which the voices of Sebastian Cabot, Louis Nye, and Charles Nelson Reilly bring to life the tale of a town where Christmas is almost forgotten.

The Stableboy's Christmas is an Emmy-award-winning, 30-minute Christmas drama about a young daughter's disappointment over a gift she did not receive and a fantasy about the first Christmas.

To see where these shows are airing in your area, visit our broadcast guide!

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