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Speaking of JESUS

Join us each week to hear real people having a real conversation about life, Jesus, and what he means to them. We encourage you to invite Jesus into your everyday conversations, too.

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Real people having a real conversation about Jesus. That’s it.
We want to encourage you to invite Jesus into everyday conversations. The weekly dialogue is centered around Christ and his relevance. This program is a dialogue between a variety of Christians from different walks of life, different stages of life, and different family backgrounds.

Group chatting in studio

Unscripted but not unfocused.
Each week will unfold a discussion between 4-5 individuals about an excerpt from the Bible, what it means to them, and how it applies to daily life. They are the ones Speaking of Jesus.

Bible with underlined verses

Why is this important?
The Barna group found that less than 1 in ten Americans has a conversation about God, faith, and spirituality once a month. The research also revealed that 70% of self-identified Christians are reluctant to have a spiritual conversation with anyone, even with other Christians. Lutheran Hour Ministries aims to inspire you to have more spiritual discussion in your home, digitally, and all throughout your community. This is an opportunity to get more and more individuals to speak of Jesus, so that they may come to know him personally.

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Meet your hosts

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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