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LHM Ambassadors


At Lutheran Hour Ministries, we aim to energize, equip, and engage laity for outreach. Through partnering with congregations, we can help equip their members. In order to effectively facilitate those partnerships, we recruit members from the congregations to serve as LHM Ambassadors.

What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is a congregation member who nurtures a relationship between LHM and their congregation for the purpose of sharing resources and helping others use them.

What does an Ambassador do?

Being an Ambassador is easy! You simply start by checking your email for the latest trainings and Ambassador-related information.

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LHM Ambassadors are also invited to a yearly Lutheran Layman’s League (LLL) convention to learn about LHM resources and how to use them, and network with other individuals who are also excited about sharing their faith.

Simple ways Ambassadors use LHM’s resources are:

  • Leading Bible studies, book studies, and listening groups
  • Stocking Project Connect booklet racks
  • Hosting LHM Sunday at your congregation
  • And much more!

What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

Ambassador talking to others in a church lobby All LHM Ambassadors receive:

  • A welcome gift
  • 20% off their purchases at
  • A monthly email with the latest products and programs
  • Resources to display and promote LHM during special events
  • And more!

Simply click the button below to fill out the LHM Ambassador application. We look forward to partnering with you and your congregation in Bringing Christ to the Nations—and the Nations to the Church.

Sign Up!

Canadian Ambassadors: Please contact the LHM office in Kitchener, Ontario, 1-800-555-6236; or for more information.

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