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LHM Ambassadors

LHM Ambassadors

AmbassadorOne of Lutheran Hour Ministries’ strategic priorities is to Energize, Equip, and Engage Laity for Outreach. To achieve that outcome, LHM is dedicated to serving as the congregation’s critical partner in equipping its members. To help facilitate that partnership, LHM recruits congregation members to serve as Ambassadors.

An Ambassador is a member of a congregation who helps build and nurture a relationship between Lutheran Hour Ministries and other members of the congregation.

What do LHM Ambassadors do?

  • Create awareness for the programs of LHM within the congregation wherever and whenever possible using various communication channels, including but not limited to church and small group presentations, bulletins and newsletters, bulletin boards, displays, and handouts
  • Asking others to pray for Lutheran Hour Ministries
  • Encourage participation in LHM’s projects and the use of LHM resources, as well as encourage donations to support LHM’s ministries
  • Thank donors who support LHM’s ministries and remind them of how their donations help LHM reach more than one million people with God’s Word every year!

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Canadian Ambassadors: Please contact the LHM office in Kitchener, Ontario, 1-800-555-6236; e-mail

God bless you as you explore the ministry of an LHM Ambassador!

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