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Zephaniah is in his first year of college. However, the COVID-19 pandemic caused the schools and universities in Myanmar to close. Many students lost hope and did not know what to do during the pandemic, especially since most of them live in remote areas. Zephaniah applied for several jobs since he could not attend school. Without experience or education, he was not able to get a job. With nothing else to do, he turned to playing video games all day. He lost hope and believes his family thinks less of him because he does not have a job. His parents are Christians, but he never took faith too seriously. During his time of feeling down, he decided he would reach out to LHM-Myanmar staff members that he had met during an LHM youth program. The staff members prayed for him and encouraged him through the love of Jesus. After talking with them, Zephaniah found hope through Jesus and is becoming more positive about his situation.

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