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Join Lutheran Hour Ministries Aug. 3-5 at The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee for an exciting weekend that will be filled with time to reconnect with friends, opportunities to be energized with mission and ministry, and see your ministry dollars at work as you hear firsthand stories from those most impacted by the work God is doing through LHM. That is truly something worth CELEBRATING!

Hear powerful updates from staff, volunteers, and individuals touched through the ministry work being accomplished under each of LHM's four strategic priorities:

Energizing, Equipping, and Engaging Laity for Outreach: LHM is focused on providing relevant tools and training to help congregations and individuals reach their community with the Gospel. God has always called this ministry to embolden the laity to share God's Word in their daily lives.

Growing God's Kingdom through Expanded Media Outreach: LHM's media outreach makes use of radio, video, online, and print to reach a diverse audience with the Good News. We aim to reach people wherever they are through unique strategies and media approaches.

Bringing the Gospel to the Unreached Around the World: Globally, billions have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through expanded radio and online ministry, as well as strategic personal and holistic outreach, LHM will reach millions more with this life-saving message.

Engaging Communities in the Digital Mission Field: LHM will launch online ministries to reach new audiences and walk with them as they learn more about Jesus and the church. By God's grace, we will bring them to a point where they are ready to go off-line and join a welcoming Christian community.

Mark your calendars and plan to join us in Milwaukee where the ministry began more than 100 years ago. For more information, or to register, visit!

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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