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What's a good way to start building a relationship? How about dance? For Lutheran Hour Ministries' outreach center in Latvia, having a dance party isn't just a good way to start-it's a great way.

"For our ministry, opportunities to share the Gospel come when we build relationships in communities and make friends," says LHM-Latvia Director. "Through the years, we have found that really the best way to get friends with people, with many audiences, is to have fun together. For the kids we work with, having fun means moving-dancing."

Which is why the center sponsors "Laiks dejot"-"Time to Dance," an event that brings children and youth together for a little bit of learning and a little bit of hip-hop dance. A typical lesson with an LHM volunteer from a local dance studio lasts about 45 minutes, during which participants become acquainted with Christian hip-hop artists and music while learning some exciting dance steps. Often in conjunction with Time to Dance, LHM-Latvia will sponsor a movie or seminar for the parents of participating kids.

In early July, LHM-Latvia sponsored a Time to Dance event at Saulkrasti Lutheran Church, in the village of Saulkrasti on the Gulf of Riga. Emils, a dance instructor at the Dance Beat studio in Riga, taught the kids that you can praise the Lord while busting a move to up-tempo Christian hip-hop.

"Youth from the Saulkrasti congregation invited their friends to come-in all, we had 50 participants!" the director exclaims. Now that's relationship-building in the spirit of the Gospel.

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