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Graciela grew up in a small town where alcoholism and poverty were common. These toxic issues led to another persistent problem - verbal and physical abuse directed at women and children like Graciela.

This foundation of hardship led Graciela to develop into a rebel and alcoholic at an early age. Eventually, her parents threw her out of the house. Without home or family, Graciela wandered the streets. She was overcome by something we all have felt - hopelessness.

Though she wasn't looking, one day Graciela found a booklet from Lutheran Hour Ministries called Trusting in God. She didn't know God and had never even learned to pray. Yet she felt drawn to the booklet and a need to answer the question "Where is the God that people talk about?"

Graciela read the booklet, and for the first time, she realized that she was not alone in her troubles. God offered her unconditional love and forgiveness, and He would not fail her as others so often did.

Graciela asked her family for forgiveness and slowly discovered a second chance at life. She also called our ministry staff to thank them and let us know how God worked in her life through this resource. Today, Graciela is a married mother of two, with whom she lovingly shares about Jesus every day.

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