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Lutheran school students across North America are invited to join Lutheran Hour Ministries January 25-28, during National Lutheran Schools Week 2016, for the next Online Mission Trip from LHM—a virtual mission adventure in the Central American country of Guatemala!

Guatemala shares a border with Mexico—along with a considerable amount of history. Southern Mexico and Guatemala were home to the pre-Columbian Maya culture; today the region is dotted with the ruins of Mayan cities and worship centers. Known by many as the "land of eternal spring," Guatemala is characterized by lush forests, rugged volcanic mountains and interesting animals such as jaguars, anteaters, sloths and the colorful Quetzal, the country's national bird.

Statistically, Christians comprise a larger segment of Guatemala's population than the Christian population of any other nation in Central America. There is a great need in the country, however, for the pure message that Jesus died and rose for the salvation of the world. Many of Guatemala's people are confused because elements of the traditional Mayan religion have often gotten mixed in together with Christian teaching—and this has resulted in a poor understanding of the true God and His free grace.

Lutheran Hour Ministries has had a presence in Guatemala since the 1950s. The LHM ministry center that is currently active there was established in Guatemala City in 1993. The staff and volunteers use media and community-based programs—particularly youth and children's ministry—to bring the hope found in the Gospel to people across Guatemala. The center works closely with the Lutheran Church of Guatemala to support its mission outreach efforts.

Teachers and School Administrators: an Online Mission Trip is a great way to educate your students and help them experience the spread of the Gospel around the world—without having to leave their classrooms. You can sign your school up right now at To learn more about Online Mission Trips with Lutheran Hour Ministries or get details about this year's event, visit

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