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As Christian teens encourage others in their faith walk, Lutheran Hour Ministries' five14 is there to help. New this spring are six presenter-led workshops that support teens in the areas of their lives' purpose, social media, masculine identity, female image, entertainment overload, and beating back rejection. These workshops—often featured as a component during a larger, daylong five14 event—will give attendees fresh insights into understanding their daily mission as Christians. To put the concepts into operation, each interactive workshop-event includes an outreach component centered on the topic covered.

In Finding Your Calling, teens are encouraged to think about what God would have them do with their lives. This workshop explores the idea of vocation or God's individual calling on a believer's life. In assessing this, teens should ask themselves questions such as "What do I enjoy doing and what am I good at?" "What do responsible people in my life think?" "Can I support myself?" "How does family factor into my decision?" The idea here is to get teens asking questions of high personal relevance.

In From Instagram Followers to Jesus Followers, using social media platforms in outreach is explored. Through online media like Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and others, people share everything imaginable. While often viewed as a conduit for the comic and the mundane, these vehicles afford excellent opportunities to share the Good News. Imagining Jesus using Instagram may seem like a stretch, but His mission of reaching people in any and all circumstances would speak otherwise.

In Men by Faith: Seeking Your Identity in Christ, masculine Christian identity is considered. Part of defining one's place in the world means considering a number of variables: needs, expectations, friends, spouse, church, etc. It deals with making our lives count and what kind of difference we want to make in the world. Questions such as "How does my push for excellence lead me to greater achievement?" "How do women figure into my decision-making process?" "How can I seek God only?" are critical to explore.

In You Are Worth More, feminine Christian identity is examined. While the physical beauty of women is easily portrayed in pictures and images, physical attractiveness is only one aspect of their being. It is not the exterior self that God is most concerned with, but the interior person. Basing one's sense of well-being on the world's shifting standard leads to frustration. The approval we seek should be God's. He created us. He chose us. He redeemed us, and it is He who values us more than anyone else.

In My Life Is Boring! How Can I Shine?, the dilemmas youth often face about their lives and futures are looked at. Though tech gadgets, social media, and numerous other distracting entertainments abound, teens may still find their days tedious and uninspired. As God's children who are called to be the light of the world, teens are created by God to live big—not boring—lives. God can take each unique individual and maximize his or her particular strengths, aptitudes and interests to convey His love to the world.

In Overcoming Rejection, moving past one's sense of failure and perceived disapproval in the eyes of others is critical. As Christ was rejected, so will His people be. Remembering the enduring worth God places on His creatures is of great importance when despair sets in. Feeling rejected can undercut our service to others as we become preoccupied with our situation and focus our outlook inward. For the Christian, Jesus frees us from rejection and gives us freedom to know He is there for us, at our side.

Five14 is a Christ-centered online ministry resource for teenagers and young adults. Its components are designed to empower the witness and faith walk of believers. At five14 you'll find videos, pictures, band info, and concert dates, along with devotions on issues young people face, CDs and other merchandise. Social media options such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo are utilized too. You can find it all at

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