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Project Connect

Welcome to 'Project Connect' Booklet Ministry Program

Photo of Project Connect rack with booklets.Bring hope to your community through Project Connect — an indispensable, on-site, booklet ministry resource that uses a display (Rotating Booklet Stand) of pocket-sized, topical booklets to promote outreach. There are also some booklets for equipping your congregation's members to share their faith. Each of the more than 50 booklets available is written from a Christian perspective and addresses a variety of topics, from forgiveness and the after-life to depression and anger management. Many have been translated into Spanish too.

Each display holds all 3 categories below of booklets that are ideal for people to take at their convenience and discretion. When put in a church narthex or fellowship hall, these racks are available for visitors on their time, giving them resources when they need them. Project Connect display placement doesn't have to be limited to only churches however. For instance, community recreational centers, doctors' and dentists' offices, area funeral homes (a very good location!), and even in proximity to public restrooms are all great sites. Each booklet has space to include your church's information -- complete with worship times and address directions.

  • Faith-Based Topics for Children
  • Issue-Based Topics for Those in Need
  • Faith-Based Topics to Equip Christian Adults

Sharing Jesus Bundle Now Available!

This bundle includes a PC Junior display with 10 copies each of "Who is Jesus?", "Why Did Jesus Die?", "What is Faith in Jesus?", and "Do You Know Who Jesus is?" for the kids!

Click here to learn more!

Get Started with Project Connect!

Go to Project Connect Tips for sharing Project Connect booklets in your community.

Click here to download free PDF & Audio (MP3) files. There you will find the complete library of Project Connect booklets. Also available now are several Project Connect booklets in an MP3 format, with new audios added frequently. Now you can listen to them and pass them along as an audio resource. Just click on Download MP3 Audio File.

Check out the titles available and see which fit best with the selection you're currently offering your congregation and community. To order booklets, display kits, or other resources, go to our Order Now! and visit our online store or call 1-800-752-9636 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST.

Do you have questions or feedback for us about Project Connect? If so, call us at 800-944-3450 or you can contact us at for more information.

About Project Connect

How can you offer help to those in your church who are struggling, but who may not be ready to discuss the issue with others?

How can you reach out to people in your community with a Christian message of love and hope?

The answer is Project Connect.

Project Connect is a booklet ministry of Lutheran Hour Ministries. It gives congregations a tangible, take-home resource of Christ-centered value they can offer to visitors, members, or others in their community.

Project Connect addresses a wide variety of topics, offering booklets that connect God's Word to real-life issues.

Project Connect is effective, affordable, easy to get started in your congregation. It's also a breeze to maintain. In fact, with the contribution envelopes provided, displays help fund themselves.

Put Project Connect to work in your congregation today!

Place your order now using our online store!

From Your 'Project Connect' Coordinator ...


There are many people in your community who haven't crossed the doorstep of a church in years; in fact, some may have never been to church. Still, that doesn't mean they won't be receptive to the Gospel. Sharing God's Good News in Jesus doesn't need to be an awkward or anxiety-filled encounter. Making one-on-one contact with others is a privilege but, as we all know, that doesn't make it easy.

Outreach is a great opportunity to touch people in your area. Click here for suggestions on how and where to share Project Connect booklets in your community. Following the booklet and topic list, I've put down some possible outreach ideas your church can do. From the extrovert to the introvert, everyone can participate! LHM is dedicated to equipping your congregation with valuable resources that make outreach less stressful for the doer and of the no-guilt variety for the receiver.

Share Your Ideas

Please use the form below and press the "Send" button located at the bottom. If necessary, our editor will contact you as soon as possible. If we feature one of your submissions, you'll receive a FREE PC Junior!


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Is there anything we can do to help you with your Project Connect program?
Do you have any suggestions for new topical booklets you would like to see?
Do you have a story that you would like to share about the impact your 'Project Connect' booklet ministry is making in your community?

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