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Russia Fact Sheet

LHM Ministry Response

After years of suppression during the communist era, religion is once again a key element in both public and spiritual life in Russia. Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM)—Russia has been spreading the Gospel in word and in deed since 1993. Since 2007, the ministry has been based in St. Petersburg.

LHM—Russia's outreach ministries refer their audiences to Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) that create opportunities for dialogue with listeners based on their personal needs. Individuals are directly referred to meet with pastors, lay leaders, or volunteers in their areas.

LHM—Russia ministry programs:
  • Radio Program - topical and Bible stories
  • TV Programs - archived programs
  • BLOG
  • YouTube
  • Online Forum
  • Text Messaging
  • Email
  • CD/DVD Production
  • Flyers
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Magazine Ads
  • Posters
  • Booklets
  • Bible Correspondence Courses, including Youth and Children's materials
  • Drama Performances
  • Puppet Ministry
  • Concerts
  • Youth Ministry
  • Small Group Ministry
  • Equipping the Saints Workshop

Partnerships and Volunteer Info

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