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Lutheran Hour Ministries—Latvia has found a great deal of success in its Equipping the Saints (ETS) program. ETS is a program that teaches everyday Christians to communicate their faith to others within their community. This form of networking is successful because it gives people a Christian contact that understands their individual needs and lifestyle, bridging the cultural gap between LHM workers and the people they are trying to reach.

Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) is another ministry that has helped LHM—Latvia to flourish. The Latvian ministry center offers BCC programs with three different courses for adults and one course specific to children. The Bible studies are geared to the various needs and questions of the Latvian people. BCC students enjoy the opportunity to learn about the Bible and its messages from the comfort of their homes, though guidance is always available from the LHM ministry center. Some students choose to learn in a group with their friends or family, while others pursue independent study. No matter how the courses are completed, all BCC students receive spiritual satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment.

Another way that LHM—Latvia remains connected to the public is through radio broadcasts. These programs helps listeners to understand the impact LHM—Latvia has in the community and encourages them to become involved in local activities.

LHM—Latvia ministry programs:
  • 2 minute Radio Program
  • 4 minute Radio Program
  • BLOG
  • Booklets
  • Billboards
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Bible Correspondence Courses
  • Equipping the Saints Workshop
  • Give & Take Program

Partnerships and Volunteer Info

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