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Liberia Fact Sheet

LHM Ministry Response

Words of Hope Radio Broadcast
This program discusses topical issues from a Christian perspective. It also informs listeners about LHM's ministry and other programs in Liberia and provides a platform for listeners to be a part of LHM's activities.

Bible Correspondence Courses
These courses enables the public to study the word of God in a systematic way designed by LHM -Liberia.
Courses will be offered on a continuous basis through graduation. Initially these programs will be offered in English, and later will be translated into Bassa and one of the Krahn dialects.

Impact will serve as LHM's Outreach arm. LHM will host rallies, show Christian films and host discussion groups all aimed at bringing participants to the church. Impact events will be conducted several times a year at different parts of the country by a team of LHM staff and local pastors and volunteers.

Equipping To Share
LHM Equipping to Share (ETS) teams will equip committed Christians and church workers with practical skills to help them be better evangelists and contribute to church growth. They will then go back to their various congregations to share what has been learned. This will be done through short and long term training programs in areas of needs identified by LHM-Liberia and partner congregations.

Kick for Christ
KFC will serve as LHM's sporting program where the Ministries will gather churched and un church youths and adults to play sports together. At the end of the sports jamboree, the churched youths will be given the time to talk to the unschurched to come with them to church. Our aim is to use sports as a point of contact among the young people and lead them to Christ.

Heal the Nation
Heal the Nation programs will fill unique opportunities to assist holistically to people in need, including those suffering natural catastrophe, the aged or infirmed, children and wayward youths.

Partnerships and Volunteer Info

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