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LHM Ministry Response

The Word of God is brought to Lebanon through Lutheran Hour Ministries—Lebanon, known locally as Middle East Lutheran Ministry (MELM). The ministry began in Beirut in 1950. The MELM office uses an array of media tools to proclaim the Gospel throughout the region.

MELM cooperates with local Christian churches wherever possible, referring contacts to them. Respondents and contacts receive training in Lutheran leadership and discipleship whenever possible, so they can help plant Lutheran churches in their local communities.

Five Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) are also actively used within the ministry as well as an outreach ministry which uses audio and video cassettes. The print ministry includes a wide variety of materials such as doctrinal books, Arch books, and the translation of "Luther's Small Catechism" into the Arabic language.

The ministry center also opened a Christian book store, "Concordia Bookshop," to share Christian Lutheran literature with others.

LHM—Lebanon ministry programs:

  • TV Specials & Spots
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Chat Room
  • YouTube
  • Text Messaging
  • Facebook
  • Email
  • MP3/CDs
  • Booklets
  • Bible & Small Catechism
  • Bible Correspondence Courses
  • Rallies
  • Drama
  • Concerts
  • Film Showing
  • Youth Camp
  • Small Group Ministry
  • Equipping the Saints Workshop
  • Bedouin Tribe Outreach

Partnerships and Volunteer Info

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