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Kazakhstan Fact Sheet

LHM Ministry Response

Ministry in Kazakhstan:
Historically, LHM TV and radio programs broadcast the Gospel throughout Kazakhstan. LHM Kazakhstan has moved much of its video content and outreach focus to the Internet through YouTube, Social Media sites and webpage outreach. Staff are developing new tools to reach a largely unchurched internet audience.

LHM-Kazakhstan has been producing new topical video programs as a priority for youth outreach. New programs for the "In Focus" series are being produced every month. This series use a biblical framework to talk about different life situations commonly encountered by young men and women.

Another great success of LHM-Kazakhstan is its Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC). The ministry center in Kazakhstan has BCC programs for adults and children and has a high rate of enrollment and graduation. The adult and children's courses have been regenerated in 2014-2015, and the new courses are quickly gaining new subscribers. The ministry center has also digitized the adult course for ready access and promotion on the internet.

The ministry center has conducted outreach training workshops through Lutheran and other churches in the villages of Kazakhstan. Our staff makes ministry visits and conducts youth Bible schools with these rural churches. It has also given us opportunity to help distribute Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes with gifts.

The ministry center has also been helping to produce historical and religious music and radio content for Kazakh speakers.

LHM—Kazakhstan ministry programs:
  • Online outreach
  • Videos, YouTube, "In Touch", testimonies
  • Youth Ministry - 'Pure Line', summer camps and Music CDs
  • Rural Ministry and Gathering Events
  • Operation Christmas Child
  • Booklets, New Testaments, Children's Bible and Small Catechism distribution
  • Bible Correspondence Courses for adults and children
  • Equipping the Saints Workshops
  • Children's Ministry

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