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India Fact Sheet

LHM Ministry Response

Ministry in India:
Lutheran Hour Ministries, LHM—India, undertakes the challenge of spreading the Good News to thousands of Indian people who have never had the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ.

The weekly radio program broadcast by LHM—India is found primarily in the southern portion of the nation and is produced in two major languages: Tamil and the national language, Hindi.

Recognizing the cultural influences of music, song, and drama, LHM—India brings the Gospel to listeners through devotional songs, short dramas, and dialogues. Youth groups of LHM—India perform public music programs, stage plays, dance, and dramas under the guidance of LHM—India director, the Rev. C. David. These local groups also conduct Gospel rallies for large audiences in big cities and remote villages.

As a result of Christian ministry, thousands of converts as well as non-baptized believers in Christ are identified and located for follow-up by the staff. The LHM—India staff reaches out to those interested in the Word of God through cassette ministry, printed literature, and Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC).

LHM—India ministry programs:
  • 15 minute weekly TV Program
  • Cable TV Program
  • Online Radio Broadcast
  • YouTube
  • Text Messaging
  • CD/MP3/Cassette Ministry
  • Booklets
  • Daily Devotion
  • Quarterly Magazine
  • Bible Correspondence Courses
  • Christmas Rallies
  • Special Event Rally
  • Dance Program, Promotional Meetings
  • Drama Troupe, Puppet Ministry
  • Lutheran Hour Orchestra
  • Film Showing
  • Youth Ministry
  • Youth Conference
  • Equipping the Saints Workshop
  • Cassette Ministry Seminar
  • Literature Ministry Seminar
  • Tsunami Relief - Children's Education

Partnerships and Volunteer Info

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