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Cameroon Fact Sheet

LHM Ministry Response

Ministry in Cameroon:
Often called "Africa in miniature," there are 24 major African language groups in Cameroon, including more than 300 individual languages, and the two official languages of English and French.

There is freedom of religion in Cameroon, but radio broadcasts and television airings are limited. Therefore, the most effective method of ministry in Cameroon is a personalized, one-on-one approach, which brings staff and volunteers to the front doors of those to whom they are reaching out.

Though this method is hampered by an infrastructure with often impassable roads, it is effective, especially in the northern portion of the country where the influence of Islam is spreading. Oftentimes, Christians in local areas are presenting the Gospel to their neighbors, which adds to a large base of volunteers for LHM.

Other ministry activities include visiting people in hospitals and prisons to conduct Bible studies and prayer meeting sessions; Equipping the Saints evangelism training; and the distribution of booklets and other printed materials.

LHM—Cameroon ministry programs:
  • Radio Program - devotions, music, Bible studies and topical discussions
  • MP3 Downloads with Christian Music and Bible Verses
  • Text Messaging
  • Email
  • Booklets
  • Bible Correspondence Course, including Youth and Children materials
  • Choir Concerts
  • Film showings
  • Rallies
  • Drama and Comedy Presentations
  • Youth Ministry
  • Teen Mother and Victims of Sexual Abuse Program
  • Equipping the Saints Workshop

Partnerships and Volunteer Info

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