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Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) has partnered with Barna Group—an industry leader for research-based insights about faith and culture, leadership and vocation, and generational groups—on a critical three-year study of faith in America. This bold new collaboration will allow LHM to create resources and online courses that address the needs of both the churched and non-churched.

Households of Faith
An Invitation into the Homes of Practicing Christians

Barna studies have revealed much about the state of religion in the United States and how faith is perceived and discussed in public. But what about how faith is being nurtured in private—with the spouses, children, parents, roommates and even frequent visitors who spend time under our roofs?

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Households of Faith Monograph
An Invitation into the Homes of Practicing Christians

Households of Faith MonographHow Christians order their days and connect with relatives and housemates is a critical aspect of spiritual growth. Households of Faith, the second in a series of studies produced in partnership with Lutheran Hour Ministries, presents a vivid portrait of the domestic lives of U.S. practicing Christians. In addition to all-new research and data visualizations, Households of Faith provides vital principles to strengthen followers of Christ, their homes and, ultimately, the family of God.

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LHM Learn Courses
Households of Faith CoursesLHM Learn offers free online courses to help you process and apply the information we gained from Households of Faith.

  • Me and My Household
  • Building a Vibrant Household

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Households of Faith PromoIf you're hosting a Households of Faith study in your church, we've provided a graphic for you to customize to promote your event! Just download the JPG below and customize it for your event using the editing software of your choice.

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