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Dougan is a principal at a school where LHM-Liberia staff members held a children's program. Dougan grew up in another faith but has recently become a Christian. She admits that it has been difficult for her to stay focused on her new-found Christian faith with the many temptations of the world. After the children's ministry program was completed at the school, Dougan felt like she learned more than the children. She was encouraged by the program and has kept in touch with the LHM-Liberia staff to equip herself with literature and grow her faith. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dougan and her family have used resources from LHM-Liberia in their household. They listen to the ministry's weekly radio program and read daily devotions together as a family.

Silvana is a mother of two. Two months ago, her house burned down. Members of the local church were quick to rally together and provide clothes and food for Silvana and her children during this difficult time. The staff members at LHM-Argentina knew how hard it must be for Silvana and her children, so they delivered them some children's booklets, coloring sheets, and colored pencils. The LHM-Argentina staff members hope to continue supporting Silvana and her children by bringing them comfort and strength through the Word of God.

Bilgul is a student working on a medical degree at the local university. He met a member of the LHM-Mongolia staff and started taking guitar lessons from him. As they got to know each other during the lessons, the staff member shared his Christian testimony. Bilgul was skeptical at first but trusted the staff member because of the relationship they had built. Bilgul sees how God is working in the life of the LHM staff member, so he asked to learn more about God. After some discussions, Bilgul learned that God loves him, and he wanted to have a relationship with Him. The LHM-Mongolia staff member gave him booklets and an audio Bible, and they made plans to begin a Bible study together.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LHM-Liberia was forced to make adjustments to their vocational training program. Before the pandemic, LHM-Liberia held vocational training sessions for young women to learn practical skills, like sewing, that afterward they could take their skills and turn them into a job that would provide for their families. While the women gathered to practice their sewing by making shirts and dresses for their children, they would hear the Gospel message from the LHM-Liberia staff. During the pandemic, when government regulations restricted large gatherings, LHM-Liberia began offering their classes at different times and days, for smaller groups of women. They also moved classes outside when possible to stay out of buildings. In addition to adapting the classes to have fewer women together at a time, the program made the switch from making shirts and dresses to making cloth face masks. Since most people living in Liberia cannot afford imported face masks, the niche business of making and selling cloth face masks has become a way for women with sewing skills to earn some money for their families while family members working in other professions may have lost their jobs.

Korto is a graduate of the LHM-Liberia sewing school program and was able to get a job at a local tailoring shop since she had experience with sewing. She found confidence in herself after graduating from the program and can now provide for her family during this time when her relatives are unemployed. Korto works with a small group of women who hand-sew hundreds of face masks each week that they sell to locals. Not only is she using her skills to provide for her family, but she is helping the local economy by allowing people to buy masks locally instead of imported masks.

The masks Korto is making are being used by many people in Liberia. With the skills she learned at the LHM-Liberia training, she has been able to make masks that people desperately need, while also making money to provide for her family. She is grateful for LHM-Liberia for providing her the skills she needs and uses daily that also help protect members of her community from illness during this pandemic.

Nemeh is in his late fifties and grew up in the Middle East. He moved to France for several years and got married and had children while living there. However, he could not find a job and faced many other trials while living in France. He ended up moving back to the Middle East by himself, leaving his family behind. Upon his return to the Middle East, Nemeh ran into one of his friends who had an LHM booklet in his hand. Nemeh and his friend talked for a while about the booklet and Nemeh asked where he could get one. His friend directed him to the local bookstore where LHM displays their booklets. The LHM volunteer at the store gave him a copy of the booklet and he was very happy to receive it. The volunteer saw his eagerness, so she started talking to him about Jesus. She told him that Jesus saves and forgives and through Him, we can have a new beginning. She invited him to the local church and Nemeh happily accepted and attended the next Sunday. He felt at home when he went to church. Through the power of God's Word, Nemeh was led to trust in Jesus.

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