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Marili, a coordinator at a slaughterhouse in Brazilm reached out to the pastor of a local Lutheran church because she wanted to start evangelistic activities at work. She coordinates events for special occasions like Easter events and weddings, and decided she wanted to implement some Christian activities into the workplace.

There are more than 1,000 employees who work in the building and when the pastor comes, at least half of them make a point to visit with him. The pastor brings booklets, including LHM—Brazil's Five Minutes with Jesus booklet, and distributes them to the employees.

The slaughterhouse's unit manager sent a letter to the pastor to thank him for his visits and shared that the employees appreciated having a break from their daily routine to reflect on life. The employees also requested more copies of Five Minutes with Jesus to share with their friends and families. The pastor gives thanks to LHM—Brazil for producing and sending the materials to him so he can share the Good News of Jesus.

Nina is a 65-year-old social worker who works with the elderly and people who have disabilities. She receives little to no support from the state or people in the community and says she would have retired a long time ago if she knew someone was willing to fill her position.

Nina is not a Christian, but she wants to learn about religion. Her granddaughter was invited to attend a children's celebration hosted by LHM—Kazakhstan at a local church. Since her granddaughter has a mental disability, Nina went with her to the event.

She met some LHM staff members and they listened to her share what is going on in her life. They offered to help her and told her about LHM's booklets and audio materials that she could use to serve the disabled. LHM staff also reached out to a local church and requested that the youth group and pastor organize a ministry to serve the disabled and elderly.

When Nina saw how willing LHM-Kazakhstan staff was to help her and that they genuinely cared, she offered to become a volunteer for the ministry. She has also started attending church each week as she grows in her faith.

For several years, LHM—Panama has supported the National Police of Panama through an ongoing relationship with a local social worker. This year, the social worker suggested that LHM staff develop a training program for a few of the police units to strengthen their communication skills. Since it was around Father's Day, they discussed topics about families and assertive communication.

The men and women of the National Police are often put in risky situations during their work and the stress and crises they encounter often negatively affect them. The National Police appreciate that LHM—Panama contributes to their society through programs like Project JOEL and others that teach values, communication, work/family balance, and how the Word of God is a source of strength, hope, wisdom, and comfort. The training provided a great opportunity for the policemen and women to gather in fellowship to study the Gospel.

Many attendees shared that the Bible lessons, songs, prayers, and group activities serve as a source of joy and spiritual reflection.

Vladimir comes from a non-Christian family and did not know Jesus before starting to serve a life sentence in prison. While in prison, he began reading the Bible and other Christian books and even started taking Bible Correspondence Courses offered through Lutheran Hour Ministries—Russia. He enjoyed learning about Jesus and says the BCC lessons helped him understand the basics of the Christian faith.

Since he has been brought to faith in Christ by the power of God's Spirit, he now realizes he can't live without Him. Vladimir shared that his family does not keep in touch with him, but he has made new brothers and sisters in Christ within the prison. Before he started the BCC lessons, he was irritable and neurotic and used to be afraid of praying. Now that he has hope in Christ he says God helps him and gives him mercy.

Vladimir likes that the BCC lessons are written clearly and the program is like a ladder where you keep climbing and learning more. He shared that he used to turn to alcohol when he needed a distraction from life. Now he knows to turn to his Bible and biblical reading materials to help him through his hardships. Vladimir shared with LHM staff that, "A person needs to go to church, because we are like a flower: you plant it, but it needs water and care."

Kanchana is 52 years old and, throughout her life, she always felt that she had to go through trials alone and solve her own problems. She recently came across a few radio programs produced by LHM—Thailand and after listening to them, she felt different.

She shared with the LHM staff that "I continued to listen to your programs because I felt encouraged in hearing that God took care of me and that He would never leave me. I want to continue to learn much more about who God is."

LHM staff introduced Kanchana to a church in her local community where she is now attending services each week. Her faith continues to get stronger each day and she feels at peace knowing that God is leading her and taking care of her.

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