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May is 15 years old and comes from a non-Christian family. She and her family are homeless and she is not able to go to school. May has learned a lot of information through literature received from LHM-Myanmar. LHM staff and volunteers host puppet shows and children's programs which May is always invited to and she pays very close attention when she goes. May heard about God's love and salvation at a puppet show and saw how the staff and volunteers showed the love of God through their actions. May was led to trust in Jesus by the power of God's Word, but her parents still don't believe. She recently began bringing her younger brother and sister to the LHM events to participate in the programs with her.

Adrian is a student in a local grade school that uses LHM's Project JOEL program that is designed for youth to provide biblically-based guidance in making healthy lifestyle choices. Each time LHM-Panama staff visits Adrian's school, he is an active participant in the activities. Like other students in the school, he is involved in social work to support his community in educational, cleaning, and donation programs. LHM-Panama recently celebrated Children's Day at a local playground. They had a puppet show and Adrian was able to help the staff and volunteers set up for the show and the songs. Adrian says he loves reading the Christian books, devotions, and games that he got from Project JOEL. Through his participation in Project JOEL, Adrian is growing closer to God.

LHM-Kenya is working with Lutheran congregations to help encourage and provide assistance in organizing children's ministry programs such as VBS and Sunday school. LHM-Kenya currently hosts the VBS for children every summer. This year, the VBS program was held at a Lutheran Church on the outskirts of the city with the theme of "God's Holiness." Almost 100 children from the surrounding area participated in the activities. An elder from the church reached out to LHM-Kenya to thank them for their efforts in such an important event. He shared that having the event at their church was encouraging and motivation for them as a congregation to continue offering programs for youth.

Sanjay is 44 years old. He is married with one daughter, and he works as a laborer. He, his wife, and his daughter are non-Christians. When he gets his paycheck from work, he goes out and spends most of it on alcohol. After buying the alcohol, there isn't much money left over to provide for his wife and daughter. Sanjay's wife is very frustrated with this behavior, which upsets the daughter.

One day, Sanjay was sitting on his front porch watching the film show that LHM-India was hosting on his street. The film was about the life of Jesus, and Sanjay sat on his porch and watched the whole thing. Toward the end of the film, an LHM-India volunteer saw Sanjay was crying. The volunteer called him to the stage, and Sanjay went up there. The volunteer prayed for him, and Sanjay said he felt a light in his heart. He shared that he promised to leave his bad habit of drinking in excess and that he would take care of his family.

LHM-India staff kept in contact with him, and Sanjay is no longer drinking. Furthermore, he and his family are now attending church. They have all begun believing in Jesus and they are working on growing their faith.

An LHM-Thailand volunteer, who went through the Equipping the Saints workshops himself, shared the Gospel with an older woman named Darunee, and her family. Darunee showed interest in the Gospel, so the LHM-Thailand volunteer signed her up for the Bible Correspondence Courses. Darunee shared that she practiced another religion, but she always had questions about how the world started. After starting the BCC lessons, she began to find answers to her questions. She was baptized in July and said her life changed after that. Before she got baptized, she thought there was no way out of her suffering. Now she has hope in God and can pray to God in every situation. Darunee said she has so much more happiness in her life now and she will continue to follow God and tell others about Him.

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