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Leo is 35 years old and is an inmate at a prison in Kenya. His parents were Christians, but they died when Leo was young, and he was left with relatives that did not take care of him. He joined a street family and later a gang that robbed businesses and homes. While he was in prison, he decided he wanted to examine his life. He felt hopeless and thought he had no future. Another inmate introduced him to the Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) offered by LHM-Kenya. After one lesson, he knew he wanted to continue learning more about Jesus. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Leo became a Christian. He continues the BCC lessons and is growing in his relationship with Jesus.

Thew was a non-Christian who heard the Gospel message from an LHM-Laos volunteer who was delivering Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) to individuals in his area. Thew is 16 and comes from a poor family. His parents practice a non-Christian religion. He was interested in the BCC lessons and wanted to learn more about Christianity. Thew got connected to a local church and through the power of the Holy Spirit, he became a Christian. He enjoys connecting with others through the LHM-Laos fellowship program and growing in his new faith.

Staff at the LHM-Sri Lanka ministry center recently got several responses from listeners to their Time of Hope radio program. A woman who practices a non-Christian religion said she has been listening to the LHM-Sri Lanka radio program for four years and shared that it has been a blessing in her life. She also requested a Bible verse calendar in response to an advertisement she heard during the program. Nadeesh also called to say he and his wife have been listening to the radio programs for five years. They also requested a Bible verse calendar and are encouraged by the program to keep listening. The LHM-Sri Lanka staff know there are many untold stories from individuals who have benefitted from the program. They are thankful for their supporters and look forward to more opportunities to share the Gospel with others.

Every Friday the LHM-Paraguay staff members set up a table with topical booklets in front of their ministry center office. Each week they choose a different topic to display. During the week focusing on suicide, a woman named Ayala stopped by and picked up a booklet. After she got home and read through it, she called the ministry center and shared how much it impacted her. Ayala shared that she is a long-time widow, and she has considered suicide several times in her life. The booklet encouraged her to think about her life and how she can make changes to become more positive. Ayala wanted to learn more about Jesus, so the staff set up a time to meet with her at home and share the Gospel message with her. She is thankful for the LHM-Paraguay staff and is eager to learn about Jesus.

Patricia is married with two children. Since she is blind, she subscribes to the LHM-Chile SMS program and her children read her the Bible verses every day. Patricia recently called the LHM-Chile office to thank them for the daily messages. She said they are helpful, precise, and they always come when she needs them the most. She said she was grateful to be connected with the staff members.

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