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Maria is 33 years old and has an 11-year-old daughter. She is from Mexico but is currently working in the United States as a teacher's assistant. She follows the LHM-Mexico Facebook page and reached out to the staff after watching one of their Facebook live videos. The Facebook live topic was violence, and being a previous victim, it really touched Maria's heart. She has talked with LHM-Mexico staff several times and has started attending women's Bible studies before being referred to an LCMS congregation. Maria desires to have a relationship with God and is enjoying learning more about Him each day.

Abed is 23 years old and lives in an area full of struggles. He grew up in a traditional family that did not practice Christianity and was often afraid of what the next day might bring. He decided that he wanted to find answers for his life and one day came across a short video posted on an LHM-sponsored social media page in the Middle East and North Africa. The video was about fear and uncertainty. Abed reached out to the staff that runs the Facebook page and shared his struggles. The staff members responded by saying that God wants to have a personal relationship with us and shared the Gospel message with Abed. He wanted to learn more about Jesus and, through the power of the Holy Spirit, Abed became a Christian.

Nelly is an elementary school teacher at a local school in Paraguay. She first met the LHM-Paraguay staff about 12 years ago when the Project JOEL program first began in schools throughout the country. The program is designed to provide biblically-based guidance in making healthy lifestyle choices. Through her interactions with LHM-Paraguay staff and programs, Nelly was brought to faith in Christ by the power of God's Spirit and now uses her career to share the Gospel with others. Nelly helps LHM staff teach the Bible to the children in her district. In addition to supporting Project JOEL, Nelly organizes training sessions for the parents and youth at the school where she works. She hopes to share the Gospel with as many people as she can. She is thankful for the relationship she has built over the years with the LHM-Paraguay staff.

Khorn is 26 years old and works as a fisherman and farmer. He is married but has recently started struggling with his relationship with his wife. He was discouraged so he took a trip to visit a friend and relieve stress. His friend is a Christian and when he saw how upset Khorn was, he took him to the LHM-Cambodia office to talk with the staff. While they were there, the staff shared the Gospel message and prayed with him. Khorn comes from a non-Christian background, but when he visited with LHM staff, he was eager to learn more and was encouraged by praying with them. He left the office feeling better and eager to mend his relationship with his wife. The staff continues to provide him with Christian materials so he can learn more about Christ.

Haydee lives in Peru but registered for an online workshop hosted by LHM-Panama to learn some skills that she could apply to her life and work. After the program, she wanted to learn more about LHM and the other programs and materials they offered. The LHM-Panama staff pointed her to their website for more information and told her about the work that is being done in the region. The staff members connected her to a local pastor in Peru. Haydee continues to connect with LHM-Panama staff virtually to hear the messages they offer and is eager to participate in more LHM events and grow her relationship with Jesus.

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