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Saul was once an acclaimed Mariachi performer who played songs for weddings, birthdays, and entertainment at local bars and restaurants. Saul had a complicated life that included an addiction to playing slot machines and gambling. He once received a booklet from LHM-Nicaragua and since then he has been a faithful reader of LHM booklets focused on many different subjects. He shared with LHM staff that after reading through a bunch of the topical booklets and comparing his life to the content in them, he reflected on how bad his behavior had gotten. He decided to seek out the Lord and soon became a Christian after learning that Jesus is his Savior. Saul continues to use his musical gifts by singing in the local church and is still a dedicated reader of LHM's booklets.

Mahmut is a 37-year-old father of four who reached out to LHM staff through their regional Facebook page after seeing an ad. He signed up for the Bible Correspondence Course and finished all the lessons in a week. He was eager to join a local church, so an LHM staff member went to church with him and referred him to a local missionary. After starting to go to church, he reached back out to LHM staff to share that he had been confused about religion and had questions about the purpose of our existence. Mahmut didn't have answers to any of his questions and became anxious about his final destiny. That is when he came across the LHM Facebook page and was drawn to the story of Jesus because he could see reflections of his personal sorrows in Jesus' life. He was given several LHM booklets to help grow his faith and he knows they will cause positive impacts in his life. He wants to share the love of God to the people around him so everyone can have the happiness he has.

Daniel is 17 years old and is in tenth grade. He is an orphan and currently lives with his grandparents. He is worried about not having enough money to go to college and his grandparents are getting older. Daniel first met LHM-Cambodia staff during an English class at the local church. The church hosts English classes to reach out to students and the pastor of the church often invites LHM staff in to share a message. One of the LHM speakers shared a story about his personal life as an orphan. It touched Daniel so much that he decided that day to learn more about Jesus. Daniel is now a believer and LHM-Cambodia staff continues to work with him to grow his faith.

Bakoly is a 54-year-old photographer who is married with three children. She grew up in the church and has served as a deacon for her local congregation since 2012. Two years ago, she became seriously ill and her doctors told her they would do their best to help her, but there was no medicine or surgery to heal her. She was waiting for her death and was very anxious about it, even though she is a Christian. Many members of her church have taken part in LHM-Madagascar's Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) and one of her friends brought her two LHM booklets while she was in the hospital. She read the booklets and they strengthened her faith. While she was content with her life even if she never healed, she received a clean bill of health from doctors after one month in the hospital. She knows God has given her the strength to face whatever trials come her way and has since registered for LHM's BCC lessons and earned her first certificate.

Ignacia was previously enrolled in LHM-Paraguay's baking and confectionery course called "Jesus the bread of life." She does not have a job, so she does not have a lot of money to provide for herself and her five children. Since being enrolled in the course, she started using her skills to make baked goods that she sells. Ignacia sent a message to LHM staff thanking them for the course because the Gospel lessons provided her with hope and the vocational training now allows her to happily make baked goods from her house to sell and make money to provide for her family. She is thankful that she learned to bake because baking at home allows her to spend time with her kids and take care of them without having a full-time job away from the home.

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