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63-year-old Lemby is married with eight children. He is one of the Malaso (cattle rustlers) who go to faraway villages in groups of about 10 to ravage other people's cows so they could bring back food for the women and children at home. While his group usually got what they were hunting for, he believed they were also wasting their time to earn money for worshipping evils. Lemby later became the group leader, but soon got terribly sick and had to stay back at home. Around this time he felt that God was talking to him to surrender his life but he didn't want to hear God's voice. LHM-Madagascar staff met Lemby and his family shortly thereafter when they visited his home village. They were sharing God's love for them when Lemby stood up and announced that he wanted to know more about Jesus the Savior and was willing to trust in Him through the power of God's Word. "I tried many things and worshipped evils for a long time but never saw any changes in my family's life. Let me join you and I hope God will help me to change my life," he said. The next morning Lemby and his family attended a local worship service and were among 143 people baptized on that Sunday, including many of his fellow rustlers and their families. He has since asked the local Lutheran church if they could build a church in his village.

Ardagul grew up in a non-Christian household and always had questions about God and salvation. A few months ago, she joined an LHM-Mongolia listener meeting and fellowship. A lot of her questions were answered during the meeting and she started to understand who God is and that He loves everyone. She learned that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. The messages from the meeting touched Ardagul's heart and she began to understand that Jesus is her Savior. She decided she would go to church every week and is now listening to the LHM radio program in addition to joining the ministry's Bible study group.

Jeonghoon is a 26-year-old student. He is a Christian and grew up going to church, but recently he has seen bad news about Christianity and the church which made him question the true meaning of faith. He saw a post on Facebook about LHM-South Korea's Bible Correspondence Courses and decided to join the class. Through the lessons and lectures, he now understands the meaning of the Gospel and God's will. He is considering going to church again to strengthen his relationship with God.

Chhiet is a 30-year-old teacher at a primary school in Cambodia. His father died when he was only six years old. His mom got remarried and had two more children, but Chhiet never got along with his stepfather, so he went to live with other relatives when he was 10. He now wants to have a better relationship with his family and hopes to become closer with his stepfather.

He comes from a non-Christian background, but he is looking to find the true meaning of life. The culture that he grew up in would pray to their deceased family members, and Chhiet wondered why that was a common practice. Searching for answers, he got in contact with LHM-Cambodia during a puppet show at his school and they told him about God and how He created heaven and earth. Chhiet was very interested and opened his heart to listen to the LHM staff members. They put him in contact with a local pastor to follow up with him. LHM-Cambodia gave him booklets and he continues to go to church to grow his faith.

Saul was once an acclaimed Mariachi performer who played songs for weddings, birthdays, and entertainment at local bars and restaurants. Saul had a complicated life that included an addiction to playing slot machines and gambling. He once received a booklet from LHM-Nicaragua and since then he has been a faithful reader of LHM booklets focused on many different subjects. He shared with LHM staff that after reading through a bunch of the topical booklets and comparing his life to the content in them, he reflected on how bad his behavior had gotten. He decided to seek out the Lord and soon became a Christian after learning that Jesus is his Savior. Saul continues to use his musical gifts by singing in the local church and is still a dedicated reader of LHM's booklets.

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