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Andrea is in fifth grade and has volunteered for LHM—Panama's Project JOEL program for two years. The program counters potentially negative influences that youth encounter by providing biblically based guidance in making healthy lifestyle choices. Since being introduced to Project JOEL, Andrea's behavior has improved, and she has become a leader for other students. Recently, when LHM—Panama staff visited her school, Andrea helped distribute materials to support Noah's Ark crafts, presented biblical animated movies, and made the Cross craft. Andrea says, "I am happy with this day after sharing the materials, stories, games, film, and the reading of the books, with almost everyone in the whole school. I now feel closer to God."

Alejandra is a mother of two college students. Last year, she noticed a sign that LHM—Argentina set up advertising one of their booklets. She was interested in reading it, so she reached out to request one. The LHM—Argentina staff set up another advertisement for a new booklet, and Alejandra reached out again. Not only was she interested in the topic on the sign, but she asked about booklets on alcoholism and drug addiction and was interested in learning more about LHM—Argentina's ministry. Alejandra was connected with a pastor at a local church who continues to share the Word of God with her.

Manargul is 33 years old and was without work. Her husband works whatever jobs he can find to provide for the family. She met LHM—Mongolia staff when they were distributing audio Bibles and printed Christian materials in her area. Manargul started talking with the staff members, and they invited her to go to church and attend a women's listener meeting. She visited the church a few times but did not start attending services regularly. Every month, LHM—Mongolia staff members go to her house and pray with her. She was able to start a new job, and her outlook on life has become more positive. Manargul shared her audio Bible with her husband so they can learn about Jesus together.

Robert is 48 years old and works as a prison warden. After years of serving in a maximum-security prison, he became jaded by the constant violence and despair by which he was surrounded. He felt like something was missing in his life, but he didn't know what it was. He considered himself a Christian but was not actively practicing his faith. Robert grew up in a community where people loved drinking, and he eventually became addicted to alcohol. One day, he was introduced to the Bible Correspondence Courses offered by LHM—Kenya and began to examine his thoughts and open his mind to the possibility that there was more to life than he previously believed. Robert was renewed and strengthened in faith by the power of God's Spirit. He has a new outlook on life and now approaches his work with more passion and empathy. Robert eventually became a chaplain so he could use his experience as a warden to help others find meaning in their lives. "LHM—Kenya changed my life in such a profound way," he says. "They opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and gave me a sense of hope and purpose. My faith has changed the way I approach my work, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the inmates I serve."

Chancelle is a 25-year-old teacher who practices a non-Christian religion. She connected to LHM—Cameroon staff through their personal evangelism programs and enrolled in the ministry center's Bible Correspondence Courses. After going through the lessons, Chancelle shared with LHM staff that this was the first time she had touched a book about Jesus being her Lord and Savior. She said, "Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I wish to continue to know more about Jesus."

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