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Last year, an LHM-Argentina volunteer visited Jonathan and Carla and gave them some booklets. Over time, Jonathan and Carla became friends with the volunteer and they went to some LHM-Argentina events with him. Recently the volunteer shared that through the power of the Holy Spirit, Jonathan and Carla became Christians. They are now members at a local church. We are thankful for the staff and volunteers who share the Gospel message with those who need to hear it.

LHM's programming and resources through ministry centers around the world are created locally, ensuring maximum impact and accuracy of the message of the Gospel. Our staff members grew up speaking the languages they do outreach in and know the culture intimately as an insider. As local people, they are particularly well qualified to know how to communicate the Gospel effectively in their context. Since our staff members are from that culture and understand the local needs, LHM can customize our outreach to the particular issues that people are facing and begin establishing a more personal relationship.

Augustina's father contacted LHM-Uruguay to get some children's materials for his daughter. For several months now, Augustina has been receiving children's booklets and resources that teach her about Jesus. Her father keeps in contact with LHM-Uruguay staff and recently shared that the whole family gets involved when Augustina reads the Bible stories. Augustina's family is thankful for LHM-Uruguay providing resources that bring their family together so they can learn about Jesus as a group.

Andres is 17 years old and recently became connected to LHM-Nicaragua. His grandmother was listening to the radio when she heard an LHM-Nicaragua program where they were encouraging people to volunteer for their ministry activities. Andres' grandmother suggested that he volunteer since he has free time after school. Andres decided he would volunteer and is now sharing the Gospel message with others and looks forward to participating in various ministry center programs.

Lila is 45 years old and has struggled with alcohol addiction for 20 years while also being involved in prostitution. She felt discouraged with her life and had suicidal thoughts. She was not religious and had never attended church. One of her friends introduced her to LHM-Kenya and she was welcomed into a fellowship group through the ministry's Reaching Rahab holistic program. Lila wanted to learn more about Jesus and decided to take the steps to give up her addiction. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Lila became a Christian. After starting the vocational training through Reaching Rahab, Lila earned a certificate in knitting and banking. She applied the skills she learned to jobs that provide income for her and her family. Lila is now a role model for young women who join the holistic program. Lila is thankful for the LHM-Kenya team who encouraged and supported her during a difficult time in her life.

Thew was a non-Christian who heard the Gospel message from an LHM-Laos volunteer who was delivering Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) to individuals in his area. Thew is 16 and comes from a poor family. His parents practice a non-Christian religion. He was interested in the BCC lessons and wanted to learn more about Christianity. Thew got connected to a local church and through the power of the Holy Spirit, he became a Christian. He enjoys connecting with others through the LHM-Laos fellowship program and growing in his new faith.

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