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Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

"Thanks for a Good Lord"

September 10, 2011

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Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever! 1 Chronicles 16:34

Not so long ago I heard of a father and daughter who wished to surprise mom.

One afternoon when she was out, they worked incredibly hard cleaning up the kitchen. In truth, they did work like troopers.

They tidied, they scrubbed floors, they cleaned counters and they emptied the dishwasher. When they were done, they felt dirty and sweaty, and they also felt a sense of accomplishment.

With eagerness they awaited mom's return and what they knew would be her overwhelmingly grateful reaction. I have to tell you they were quite disappointed when she came in, glanced at the kitchen, walked into the living room, sat down in front of the TV where she used the remote to flip between the channels.

Finally, the disappointment of dad and daughter found a voice. "Mom," the girl said, "Didn't you notice?"

"Notice what?" came mother's reply.

"Didn't you notice all that we did in the kitchen? We've been working like dogs to make it look good."

That's when mom, with a big, big smile, said, "Yes, honey, I noticed, and I thank you for it. But have you ever thought I do that job every day? Now you've discovered what I know: it's a pretty thankless job."

I wonder if Jesus ever feels that way.

He spent His entire life doing the things we wouldn't do, that we couldn't do. He resisted sin, and said, "No" to temptation and sacrificed His life on the cross. Sadly, there are too many people who take His work for granted.

Brethren, that thing ought not so to be.

Jesus' gifts of forgiveness and eternal life remain an unbelievable and unprecedented labor of love -- and for them we should remember to thank Him.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord, let my heart and soul see the magnitude of Your sacrifice. May I, on a regular basis, give thanks to You -- for You are good -- and the salvation You have provided will last forever. In Your Name. Amen.

In Christ I remain His servant and yours,

Pastor Ken Klaus
Speaker emeritus of The Lutheran Hour®
Lutheran Hour Ministries

Today's Bible Readings: 2 Chronicles 27-28    Acts 19:1-20

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