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Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

"Stepping Aside for Others"

February 17, 2006

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Love is not self-seeking. 1 Corinthians 13:5

Sometimes mountain trails have stretches so narrow that two hikers can barely pass each other. Only as one stands still at the side can the other go by safely. If both insist on their own way, danger could turn into disaster.

Often on life's trail our desires conflict with those of someone else. Too often neither gives in willingly -- with disastrous results for the relationship.

Jesus guides us in handling such situations. He inquired in Gethsemane whether a way other than Calvary might be possible. But He did not insist on His way. In keeping with His Father's will, He chose the way of the cross, suffering for us sinners.

Now, forgiven through faith in Him, we are able to forgive. Loved by Him, we also can love -- not only God, but others as well. Part of this love is not to insist on our own way.

Of course, we must insist on God's way. When His Word clearly speaks, we must follow, no matter how much conflict results. But when it is merely a matter of my way instead of another, because of Jesus I can willingly yield for the other to pass.

PRAYER: Help us, heavenly Father, to yield to others when love requires it. We ask this for Jesus' sake, who gave His life so we might pass from death to life. Amen.

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Today's Bible Readings: Exodus 25-26    Mark 1:1-22

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