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Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

"The Grace of God"

January 6, 2004

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The grace of God was upon Him. Luke 2:40


The grace of God was upon Jesus as He grew to fulfill His mission of salvation for the world. By His grace, it remains the mission of His Church to make Him known as “The Savior of the World.”

Bill woke up remembering that today was celebrated as “The Epiphany of our Lord.” He recalled how Jesus was “made known” as King and Savior when the Magi presented Him gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh.

Bill thought about all God had made known about Jesus through him to Chuck. He realized this was possible because God’s grace had guided him and helped overcome his fear. Certainly a powerful thing had happened through the “Advent Challenge” of giving the gift of Jesus to somebody for Christmas.

He thought, “Chuck may not have known Jesus by Christmas, but I can’t think of a better Epiphany gift than Jesus being revealed to Chuck as Savior and Lord.” He knew Chuck still had a lot to learn and that he still needed to be baptized. But he was thankful the grace of God was upon him so he could grow in his knowledge and wisdom about Jesus.

Bill was committed to helping Chuck in the process. He thought, “This has been an incredible missionary journey. I can’t wait for the next one!” He prayed, “Lord, make me Your witness. Keep me in Your mission. Lead me to give somebody the gift of Jesus for Easter!”

By the grace of God, people come to the knowledge of the truth in Jesus and grow in their faith. Under God’s grace, continue fervently in witness about Jesus for the purpose of fulfilling His mission of taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth, beginning where you are.

Pray that God’s grace would rest upon you and your church in your witness and mission for Jesus.

Today's Bible Readings: Genesis 16-17    Matthew 5:27-48

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