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"Moved by the Spirit"

January 2, 2004

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Moved by the Spirit, he went. Luke 2:27


Simeon, having been moved by the Spirit, went to see Christ. By the Spirit, through the eyes of faith, people see Jesus as the Lord’s anointed Savior.

Friday morning, Chuck’s alarm clock sounded. He had experienced a restless night, contemplating everything he had learned about Jesus and how he needed a savior in his life. He remembered the pastor’s prayer asking God to grant him “new life in Christ.”

God had been teaching him so many things. He thought, “Maybe it is time for a new life. Maybe it is time for God in my life.”

Moved by the Spirit, Chuck began to pray, “God, I don’t understand everything. It’s hard to comprehend what I have learned about You. But I know my life could really use a new start right now. I do need a Savior. God, please help me.”

Chuck was excited and afraid at the same time. He believed that if any one could help him, it would be a God who could perform miracles like Jesus did. Then he thought about the ridicule he might receive. He was afraid to tell anybody what he had prayed—even Bill. He didn’t want to feel pressured into anything, yet he realized that he believed Jesus could help him.

Chuck didn’t see Bill at work that day. In a sense, he was relieved.

Moved by the Holy Spirit through Word and Sacrament, people call upon Jesus as Lord. New Christians are sometimes uncertain about the working of faith. Help them understand that “No one can say, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ except by the Holy Spirit” (1 Corinthians 12:3).

Give thanks to God for the faith you received through the Holy Spirit. Pray the Holy Spirit will work in the hearts of those who do not yet believe.

Today's Bible Readings: Genesis 4-6    Matthew 2

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