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Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

"Prepare the Way"

December 22, 2003

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“You will go on before the Lord to prepare the way for Him.” Luke 1:76


John’s role as the one who would “prepare the way for the Lord” was determined by God and prophesied by Zechariah. This preparing involved giving “His people the knowledge of salvation” (Luke 1:77).

Bill wondered if Chuck would come to Christmas Eve worship with him. He had a better understanding of the barriers, yet he didn’t want Chuck to have a negative response. But if he never asked, who would?

Bill thought about the “Advent Challenge” and giving the gift of Jesus to Chuck for Christmas. God had been in their conversations, but had Jesus really been given if Chuck didn’t believe? Then he wondered, “What more can I do so Chuck will believe?”

Bill’s cell phone rang. Considering the thoughts that had been going through his head, he was amazed to discover it was Pastor Greer calling to inquire about Chuck. Bill filled him in.

Pastor Greer responded, “Bill, think of yourself as one who was sent to prepare the way for the Lord to Chuck. You are the one who can share your faith and tell him about salvation in Christ through the forgiveness of sins. But, only by the power of the Holy Spirit will he believe. You cannot make Chuck believe, but you can prepare the way through your witness.”

Bill nodded his head and said, “Thanks for the call, Pastor. How did you know?!?” Pastor Greer laughed and said, “I think God did.”

Your witness of God’s love in Christ Jesus prepares the way for the Holy Spirit to work salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. You have an important role in “preparing the way of the Lord.”

Pray for the Lord to enable you to “prepare the way for Him” through your witness of the Gospel.

Today's Bible Readings: Esther 6-8    Revelation 13

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