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Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

"Nothing is Impossible"

December 11, 2003

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“For nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:37


To Mary, giving birth to the Son of God seemed impossible. “How will this be… since I am a virgin?” (Luke 1:34). Yet, it would happen by the power of the Holy Spirit. Nothing is impossible with God.

Bill had not expected Chuck’s reaction about Jesus. He wondered if there was even any reason to continue trying to talk to Chuck about God and His love.

Bill knew that his own relationship with God had been growing stronger and stronger. He really wanted Chuck to know about God’s love. Yet, how could he talk to him now, especially knowing how Chuck felt?

Should he have handled the whole situation differently? After all, he was really new at this. Had he talked about Jesus too soon? Did he say the wrong thing? Questions kept running through his mind. He wasn’t sure if he should even bring up the subject of Jesus again. “Was it even possible for Chuck to believe?”

Yet, Bill couldn’t keep from thinking, “Chuck really needs ‘the gift of Jesus.’” He finally determined that if Jesus could die on the cross for people who hated Him, that he wasn’t going to give up on Chuck just because he didn’t care about Jesus right now. He thought, “Surely, all things are possible for God.”

Moving from spiritual death to spiritual life is impossible without the Holy Spirit. In “impossible” witnessing situations, the Holy Spirit does amazing things. We are to continue and be faithful in our role as His witnesses.

Pray the Lord will help you be a faithful witness in an “impossible” situation. Ask the Holy Spirit to do “possible” things in the life of someone to whom you are witnessing.

Today's Bible Readings: Zechariah 11-12    Revelation 2

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