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March 16, 2003

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Psalm 25:6 "Remember, O LORD, Your great mercy and love, for they are from of old."

Can God forget? God does indeed forget, but only our sins as He forgives them for Jesus' sake. When we cry out "Remember, O Lord," we are really reminding ourselves that God's great mercy and love are always ours for Jesus' sake.

God's love and mercy have existed for us from the very beginning. The longer we live, the more important things "from of old," or traditions become for us. They give us comfort and provide a feeling of "connectedness." There are many and varied traditions in God's family. And while some do indeed fade away, the tradition of God's great love and mercy never fade. He remembers His great love and mercy forever and we can count on them as something that will never fade away.

No matter where you are in life-whether single or married for 50 years, whether you have children in school or are a child yourself-there is great comfort in knowing that God is there. God loves you and that gives your life meaning.

Today's Bible Readings: Numbers 15-16    Mark 14:54-72

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