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Spiritual Conversation Curve

The Spiritual Conversation Curve

The Spiritual Conversation Curve is a wisdom tool developed by Lutheran Hour Ministries to help everyday Christians engage in fruitful conversation with the people in their life that don't share their Christian faith. Learn more by watching the video below:

Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age Starter Kit
Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age Starter KitDiscover the delight of spiritual conversations with tools, based on research from Barna, for your individual and congregational outreach. Each kit includes one Barna SCDA monograph, The Reluctant Witness book, workshop DVD, selected Project Connect booklets, 25 Curve Cards, and online course information.

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The Eager Conversationalist/Spiritual Conversation Curve Workshops
The Eager Conversationalist/Spiritual Conversation Curve WorkshopsDrawing on Barna Group data contained in the 2018 monograph Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age, Lutheran Hour Ministries is offering two workshops: the first, Eager Conversationalists, examines spiritual conversations. It offers insights to help us become more intentional-more eager-to engage in spiritual conversations with others. The second, The Spiritual Conversation Curve, offers help in getting past conversational hurdles. This is possible when we focus on someone's "spiritual posture," so as not to impose a conversation that's forced or ill-timed.

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Spiritual Conversation Curve Cards
Spiritual Conversation Curve CardUse this card to help you consider how you can engage in faithful prayer and fruitful conversation with the people in your life who do not share your faith.

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LHM Learn Courses:
LHM Learn offers free online courses to help you process and apply the information we gained from Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age. Prepared to Respond: The Spiritual Conversation Curve explores the wonderful world of spiritual conversations. It will equip you to discern a friend's spiritual posture and help you to graciously adapt your conversations in a helpful way.

Our three short courses help you have spiritual conversations with a friend based on their spiritual posture, whether they are unreceptive, receptive, or seeking. Whether you need to Chat & Relate, Share & Connect, or Explore & Clarify, these courses will guide you through possible conversations and ways you can prayerfully prepare for your next conversation.

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Project Connect Booklet: How to Talk About Your Faith: An Introduction to the Spiritual Conversation Curve
Equip yourself with knowledge and confidence to have faith-sharing dialogues with others. This easy-to-read, easy-to-use booklet is ideal for helping you have more fruitful conversations about Jesus.

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