LHM Home for the Holidays Advent Devotions for 2014

Each year Lutheran Hour Ministries provides special devotions during the Advent and Lenten seasons that are used both by individuals for personal reflection and congregations as a customizable outreach tool to be distributed throughout their communities.

This year's Advent devotional, Home for the Holidays, reflects on the various "homes" God provides through His Word, Baptism, the Sacraments, and our church family. Drawing on several familiar and family-oriented events of the Christmas season (deciding on a tree, decorating the house, setting up the Nativity display, baking Christmas cookies, etc.), the devotions balance treasured holiday memories with the reality that not everyone feels at home with the holidays.

While life's hassles, relationship burnout, and financial stress may leave us out in the cold, there is solace and warmth when we visit the "home" we have at church.


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  • The Christmas Journey :: This Christmas children story book is about God's expedition to earth as the Babe of Bethlehem. Enjoy this little booklet as it rhymes its way through the Nativity story of Jesus' birth.
  • What is Christmas? :: This booklet provides insights from a family going through problems and their celebration of Christmas.
  • The Real St. Nick: Leader, Legend or Lie :: This single-session Bible study, hosted by the Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus-Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran Hour, examines a man who, next to Jesus Christ, is the most visible figure during the holidays—St. Nicholas or Santa Claus—as we know him in Western culture. Dating back to the third century, St. Nick is attributed with the doing of many benevolent and charitable acts of kindness and generosity.
  • Joseph: Carpenter of Steel :: The man driving the Christmas story in this Bible study is none other than Joseph, the foster-father of Jesus. Join us as host Rev. Gregory Seltz, Speaker for The Lutheran Hour, sheds light on one of the New Testament's unsung heroes in Joseph: Carpenter of Steel. Adding historical perspective to this study is scholar and best-selling author Dr. Paul L. Maier.