Your Partner to Reach the "Nones"

America today is faced with a new religious movement. Surveys report that 20% of Americans claim "None" as their religious affiliation. That represents more than 60 million people! These souls stand without the only true hope - Jesus Christ.

God has blessed Lutheran Hour Ministries with a special mission: to share the Good News that Christ sacrificed Himself to set them free. Lutheran Hour Ministries works every day to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in homes and communities around the world, but so much more can be done...

Lutheran Hour Ministries wants to partner with you in God's Mission for all humanity. Please watch the following video to hear how this ministry is reaching out to the world and how we can work together to reach the lost and hurting in America and around the globe.

Lutheran Hour Ministries wants to partner with you; and you can partner with us today through your financial support. Your gift, of any size, will make a difference in God's Mission through Lutheran Hour Ministries. Thanks for your prayers and support.