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Petal Pushers

Petal Pushers®

Be a 'Petal Pusher' to Help Decorate Tournament of Roses Parade Floats, including the Lutheran Hour Ministries Float

  • Petal Pushers is a group of more than 5,000 volunteers who decorate the Lutheran Hour Ministries float and other floats for the Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year's Day. Each year, these volunteers travel to Pasadena, California, from across the nation. Petal Pushers range in age from 13 to 85. Individuals, church groups, families, senior citizens, and Girl Scout troops are a sample of the groups that participate each year. Many volunteers "urban camp" on floors of local Lutheran churches. Volunteers not only decorate the Lutheran Hour Ministries float, but other floats as well to raise enough money to pay for our float entry fees and supplies.

  • The Lutheran Hour Ministries float is the longest-running (and currently the only) religious float in the Tournament of Roses parade, appearing since 1951.

  • Youth from age 13 can accompany your group, but you must bring one adult for every five youth. This is the perfect winter break project for your youth group or high school class.

  • Visit to register online, view this year's float, find lodging, information, a map of the area, confirmation information, and much more.

Petal Pushers is a program of the Southern California Int'l LLL District.

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