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Do you want to have more meaningful spiritual conversations online? has a new look!

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Equipping You for Digital Outreach

Thred empowers, equips, and inspires you to engage in meaningful conversations with confidence.

At, you’ll discover:

Free Resources
Download free content to help you embrace your God-given purpose, share your faith online, and more.

In-Depth Courses
Grow your skills and confidence to truly listen to others and initiate spiritual conversations as you engage online.

The Thred Blog
Explore diverse voices from our growing community of contributors speaking into matters of faith and culture.

Dynamic Community
Share ideas and learn from others who are creating authentic, relevant, and meaningful digital experiences.

Visit the new site to explore how to use your digital voice and engage in more meaningful spiritual conversations with confidence.

Visit the new site

THRED is a ministry of LHM empowering Christians like you to integrate your faith into digital spaces.

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Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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