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People have always looked for guidance and perspective to understand the issues they face in their lives. At one time, people looked to institutions like the church for this support. In today’s digital age, people increasingly go online to learn, connect, and even build relationships.

The message of Jesus is still relevant in this digital space. That’s why Lutheran Hour Ministries created THRED.

Through THRED, LHM is creating online spaces for people of all different backgrounds to talk about life and faith.

Jesus and Christianity are part of THRED’s content and conversations, but we want to provide a safe environment where people can share multiple perspectives. The point is to be true to our Christian identity which includes genuinely listening to other views.

At LHM, we think this is a highly effective way to engage mass audiences around topics like life, faith, and Jesus. The digital landscape is changing constantly, which is why the support of people like you is critical. You can help THRED start conversations with more people.

Will you get involved with THRED today? We need you.

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Want to hear about new THRED® content in your inbox? Sign up here!

Want to hear about new THRED® content in your inbox? Sign up here!

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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