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International Volunteer Trips

Team Training

The key to successful short-term volunteer trips is planning and preparation. You will be provided information to login to the Online Volunteer Team Training that has seven training and preparation sessions. Six must be completed before you leave on your volunteer trip. One must be completed within two weeks of your return. If possible recruit someone from the team to be the training facilitator.

You must schedule at least six groups meetings where you can discuss planning and logistics in conjunction with completing the training. See Volunteer Team Training Facilitator Guide (available on the Team Training site for more information. Much of the information in this Team Coordinator Manual can supplement these meetings.

The volunteer training has seven modules and include:

  • Session 1 – Introduction, Spiritual Preparation, and Team Meetings
  • Session 2 – Safe Travel and Living Abroad
  • Session 3 – Team Roles and Responsibilities
  • Session 4 – Effective Mission Communication
  • Session 5 – A Multicultural Christian Perspective
  • Session 6 – Sharing Your Faith and Preparing to Come Home
  • Session 7 – Returning Home

Successful team meetings include:

  • Building team camaraderie and morale
  • Understanding the Biblical basis for volunteer mission work
  • Developing a cross-cultural understanding of the host community
  • Language skills
  • Project preparation and logistics
  • Planning for evangelism
  • Preparing for your return

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