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International Volunteer Trips

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Identify a country or available project you are interested in.
  1. Select a team coordinator (see section on Team Coordinator Responsibilities) and have them contact Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) International Ministries Partnerships (IMP) Specialist.
  1. The LHM IMP Specialist discusses the trip with the team coordinator and confirms that the project is feasible (that the team has the required skills, suitable timeframe, funding, etc.).
  1. The volunteer team sends LHM a $400 deposit to reserve the desired project. The deposit payment should be made payable to ‘Lutheran Hour Ministries’. In addition, in the memo section write ‘IMP Deposit’. The $400 will be applied to the teams Project Costs (see later). This is a non-refundable deposit and if the team cancels for whatever reason, the $400 will be applied to IMP administration costs.
  1. LHM sends the team coordinator a Team Coordinator Manual and any promotional materials.
  1. The team coordinator recruits suitable team (or formalizes team).
  1. The team coordinator and LHM set tentative dates for the trip and approximate team size is established.
  1. When the approximate team size has been established the team coordinator notifies LHM and will receive the appropriate number of Volunteer Team Training Manuals, a Volunteer Team Training Facilitator Guide (with DVD), Country Information sheets, and required forms for potential team members.
  1. All team members submit:
  • An Individual Application Form
  • A personal reference from a pastor, school principal, or a respected community member. You can use the Pastor or Leader Recommendation Form
  • A signed and notarized Adult Liability Release Form
  • A signed and notarized Medical Release Form (TC must take these forms with them on the trip)
  • A signed Mission Policy Agreement Form
  • A signed Minor Liability Release Form (if applicable)
  • A signed Chaperone Agreement Form (if applicable)
  1. Team starts the Volunteer Team Training – 6 modules must be completed before your departure and one module must be completed on your return. You will need a training facilitator from your team to lead this.
  1. Exact dates for trip are finalized with team. This usually coincides with flight reservations.
  1. LHM provides the team coordinator with provisional project details, budget, and itinerary based on dates.  
  1. Team reserves and makes initial payment for flights. This must be done at least 12 weeks prior to departure date if possible. All teams reserve and pay for their own flights – LHM is not responsible for this.  All team members must arrive and depart the host country at the same time.
  1. Final project detail, budget, and itinerary are provided to team coordinator (if necessary).   
  1. Team members continue to hold meetings to discuss visas, itinerary, project details, payment schedules for funding projects, and Volunteer Team Training. 
  1. Team members proceed with getting all required inoculations, medications, etc.
  1. Project costs should be sent to Lutheran Hour Ministries at least 4-6 weeks before you departure date. Please contact LHM International Volunteer Services before sending these funds. The team should send all checks associated with Project Costs at one time.
  1. 2-3 weeks before the team leaves, the team sends a check for Travel/Medical Insurance ($3.30 per person, per day traveling) and their lodging and accommodation costs (and any other money they wish to have exchanged for local currency). This is wired to the host ministry center so they can pay for these costs before the team arrives. Checks must be made out to Lutheran Hour Ministries and are non-refundable.
  1. Team receives medical insurance cards.
  1. The church associated with the team holds a dedication service for the team members.
  1. Departure and arrival!
  1. Begin orientation and start project. The team will have daily devotions and debriefing. They will also complete the tasks assigned to them.
  1. Team returns from the trip and completes the Post Trip Survey form in their team binders. Please mail the form to the address provided on the form. The team shares their story to their local congregations. We also are asking for their support for international ministries.
  1. Team members receive an LHM follow-up call and e-mail updates regarding other volunteer opportunities.
  1. Check out the latest information on the LHM ministry in the country you have visited by going to:

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