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International Volunteer Trips

Equip for the Trip :: Online Volunteer Team Training

Equip for the Trip is a series of monthly webinars to enrich volunteers' understanding of missions-even for seasoned International Teams. Half hour-long webinars will be offered monthly featuring a special speaker in a particular area of international travel or outreach. This live, interactive training webinar provides viewers with ample time to ask specific questions of the special speaker. It is available to you at no cost.

Registration is required to take part in these webinar sessions.

Upcoming Training Sessions:


Febuary 2017: Fundraising for Mission Trips-We're All Going! Dionne Lovstad-Jones

August 2016: Student Groups: Discover International Servant Outreach, Lutheran Hour Ministries Style! Greg Koenig

June 2016: "Your Mission Trip and Social Media" Caitlin Kerfin

April 2016: "Teams and Trust" Rev. Dr. James Tino

Febuary 2016: Adventures in Short Term Missions: The Essential Guide Rev. Dr. Douglas Rutt

November 2015: "Serving in Europe through Short Term Missions"

October 2015: "Serving in Africa and the Middle East through Short Term Missions" Eric Gates

August 2015: "Serving in Asia through Short Term Missions" Gunya Nathalang

June 2015: "Fundraising and Recruiting" Linda Meseke

April 2015: "Serving in Latin America Through a Mission Team" Rev. Nilo Figur, PhD.

March 2015: "Responsibilities of a Team Coordinator" Sue Husar

Febuary 2015: "Why Missions: An Extraordinary Journey" (PDF) Chris Myers

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