What is a short-term International Volunteer Trip?

Taking a short-term volunteer trip involves more than buildings and projects – it is about people. If you are looking for a way to learn about other cultures, participant in a service and/or evangelistic project, then an LHM International Ministries Volunteer trip is just right for you. With multiple projects and opportunities, from our 32 ministry centers worldwide, you will discover how God uses ordinary people to make an extraordinary difference.

International Ministries Volunteer trips provide benefits to both LHM international ministry centers and North American volunteers. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. The Good News of Jesus Christ is shared.
    Even though teams are mainly involved in supporting the local ministry by construction, VBS, etc., they also have opportunities to share their personal testimony with local people who work alongside them. An International Ministries Volunteer trip is more than buildings and projects - it is about reaching people with Christ's love.

  2. Increases empathy for LHM international ministry centers and the difficulties they face.
    Though trips are brief, experiencing the work of LHM ministry centers allows volunteers to have greater empathy for the efforts of a ministry center. They often maintain long-term support in prayer, additional trips, and funding.

  3. Long-term LHM partnership.
    Visiting teams are part of a long-term ministry to a country. Local ministry centers and volunteers sustain and continue any project that is started by a visiting team.

  4. Provides an understanding of what it is like in the countries where LHM is ministering.
    The countries where LHM has ministry centers have distinctly different cultures, different ways of looking at life and doing things. Volunteers get an insight into our ministry within that country, which expands their way of looking at people.

  5. Volunteers see that people have universal needs.
    Volunteers discover that people, although they may look different, are the same all over the world. They have the same feelings, hopes, and desires; they are human just like we are!

  6. Volunteers have a greater appreciation for what they have.
    It is easy to take what we have for granted: freedom, food on the table, a job, and security. Some countries where LHM has ministry centers don't have these basics. When seeing what other nations struggle with (or without), volunteers come back home more grateful and less likely to complain about their life.

  7. Focus changes from inward to outward.
    Returning volunteers have a greater propensity to share their faith and have a greater vision for missions.

  8. Change from involvement to commitment.
    For volunteers, an International Ministries Volunteer trip often results in a life-changing experience. You go from passive involvement to true commitment to sharing the Gospel. This results in increased commitment to the work of your local church.

  9. International ministry staff feels encouraged by brothers and sisters from around the world.
    Volunteering for a International Ministries Volunteer trip fulfills the command of the Great Commission. If properly equipped, a team enhances the ministry of an LHM international ministry center and augments the ministry of their local church when they return home.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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