What is an International Ministries Volunteer team?

Different projects require different skills. LHM will identify any specific skills required for the selected project.  It is vital that team members have the essential expertise to complete the project. Preparation and planning will make the trip MUCH more enjoyable and productive.

Team Types

Those who regularly work with short-term mission teams report that there are three common team types:

  • The Workaholic Team. These teams work long, hard days with little or no leisure time. The completion of their construction project becomes so all-consuming that they avoid developing relationships with the nationals. They sometimes suggest that nationals not even come on the worksite.

  • The Safari Team. These teams have taken vacation time to make this trip, and they are going to have a vacation. These teams are mostly leisure-oriented and get little work accomplished. They almost treat the construction project as an intrusion on their time.
  • The International Ministries Volunteer Team. This is the goal. These are balanced teams. They work hard on workdays, but they stop and rest and visit with the nationals. Nationals are welcome on the worksite and are encouraged to work alongside them. They take a day or two of leisure to see the sights and shop. The construction project is important to them, but its completion is not an all-consuming passion. They realize that they are there to assist in building the Kingdom of God, which focuses on people. It is of utmost importance that Jesus is seen through every activity that the team participates in, as your lives are being watched throughout every process of the trip.

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