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Challenge of Islam (Part Two): Defending the Christian Faith

By: Sam Shamoun

In Part Two of this Men's NetWork Bible study, Sam Shamoun, an Arab-Christian, examines key texts from the Qur'an and the Bible. Among the items he sheds light on are Islamic presuppositions concerning the priority of the Qur'an, Bible texts considered corrupt by Muslims, the sonship of believers, and Islam's position on the Trinity.

Islam 2 - Challenge of Islam - Promo Video  |  Islam 2 - Session 1 - Your Bible is Corrupt (14:20)  |  Islam 2 - Session 2 - Would the Qu'ran Appeal to a Corrupt Bible (14:15)  |  Islam 2 - Session 3 - God Has No Children (13:50)  |  Islam 2 - Session 4 - There Are Not Three Gods (12:40)  |  Islam 2 - Session 5 - Jihad (15:05)  |  Islam 2 - Session 6 - Subjugation (14:15)  |  

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