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Additional Resources for Regrets, Reality, Restoration

Use these additional resources to supplement your study on this topic. Because of the Internet's changing nature, a link may modify or get deleted. If you discover a bad link in the list below, please contact us!



  • Faith Family Reunion
    Visit this website developed to help parents whose children have wandered from the faith.
  • The Power of Absolution
    This article shows that freedom from guilt and regret comes from God's word of forgiveness, not our confession.
  • Dealing with Post-Absolution Guilt
    Click here for practical advice to pastors whose members are struggling with guilt and regret that lingers beyond private confession and absolution.


  • Gone in Sixty Seconds
    Nancy Derringer is the reporter who discovered Tim Goeglein's plagiarism and reported it on her blog. Here is her account of what she found and the remarkable flood of comments that drove Goeglein to resign.
  • Q & A: Timothy Goeglein on Redemption After Plagiarism
    In this Christianity Today article, Tim Goeglein discusses his fall from grace through plagiarism and the forgiveness of then-President George W. Bush that gave him a second chance. You may need to subscribe to read the whole article.


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