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Called to Serve: Utilizing Our Gifts As Veterans

By: Michael Zeigler, S T Williams, and Steven Hokana

Called to Serve: Utilizing Our Gifts As Veterans is a five-session small group Bible study for veterans. Together, veterans will join to discover their gifts, learn how to grow their gifts, and make a plan for sharing their gifts as a group and in their individual lives.

The study was written based on research conducted by Lutheran Hour Ministries and Barna Group. Research from the project Gifted for More was used as well as a specially commissioned project to study the gifts of veterans. This research project focused on the gifting of veterans and how they see their gifts being used-and useful-in life beyond the military. These important insights, combined with biblical teaching on how God has created each of us as a gift with gifts to share, serve as a way to invite veterans into a community with others to utilize their unique gifts as veterans in their family, church, and community.

Called to Serve was written as a small group study intended to be hosted by a church for veterans in their congregation and community. The study is accompanied by a leaders guide that provides discussion questions and activities to support the video sessions.

Called to Serve was written by Lutheran Hour Ministries. It is hosted by veterans Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler, Speaker of The Lutheran Hour, and Rev. Dr. S T Williams, Jr., pastor of St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church in Los Angles and president of the Black Clergy Caucus of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. The devotions are written and presented by Chaplain Steven Hokana, assistant director of the LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces.

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