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Nurturing Your Faith: Patient Urgency - Session Three (of 5): An Urgent Message

By: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler

In sharing the Gospel, we remember that Jesus is the central Figure in our conversations. It is Him, God's beloved Son, whom we seek after and speak about, as we patiently, urgently point people to the Savior. In Nurturing Your Faith: An Urgent Message, we see how God the Father has sent Jesus for us to follow, and how He wants us to invite others to follow Him as well.

As we explore Mark's Gospel, we want to be immersed in this narrative. This is most easily done by reading it, and rereading it (or listening to it), several times. Journaling our thoughts, thinking deeply on favorite passages, seeing Jesus as the central Figure in the text-all these work together to deepen our knowledge and appreciation of the urgency of Mark's message.

This increases our sense of urgency in sharing the Gospel, too. Without being abrupt or callous, we want to be sensitive and sensible when talking about Jesus. We want to speak in love, knowing that the Holy Spirit will work through our words and actions-leading, guiding, drawing others to the Savior who gave His life for them.

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