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Nurturing Your Faith: Patient Urgency - Session Two (of 5): Meet Them Where They Are

By: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler

Spiritual conversations about Jesus are important for sharing the Good News. Getting to know someone else often requires patient listening; this helps build openness and trust. In Nurturing Your Faith: Meet Them Where They Are, we see how Jesus' patient-urgent model of interaction opens doors to fruitful communication.

As Christians we're enthused about sharing the saving message of God's love in Jesus. What's easy to forget, however, is that one size does not fit all, meaning: we can't coerce someone else into God's kingdom. In Mark's Gospel, Jesus shows us this in the patient way He treats others and in His urgency to declare the coming kingdom of God.

In Mark's biography of Jesus, the Savior asks more than 50 questions of others. These help get to the backstory of their lives-the who, what, where, when, and why. Jesus wants to know the people He's speaking to; His aim is to go deeper into relationship with them. This is an excellent model to follow as we engage in spiritual conversations.

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