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Nurturing Your Faith: Patient Urgency - Session One (of 5): Maps, Means, Model

By: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler
When we share Jesus with others, we're eager-urgent even-to speak the Good News. However, we do understand the need for patience in how others receive the Gospel in their lives. In Nurturing Your Faith: Patient Urgency, we will learn via Mark's Gospel about a map, a means, and a model for having healthy spiritual conversations with others.

God's kingdom comes into the world in a variety of ways. In Mark's Gospel, Jesus relates by metaphor how it might be a net thrown, a seed sown, a light shown, or even with a burglar's sudden intrusion. The means by which it comes is God's Word. It alone works the transformation in the hearts of His disciples and those they speak the Gospel to.

Naturally, Christians experience a patient urgency to make Jesus known. But it takes time to build trust with others, and venturing into these kinds of deeper conversations isn't easy. This is where we lean on God to shape our lives and our words to make us authentic representatives of Christ. He will guide our conversations and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, draw others unto Himself in faith.

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