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Nurturing Your Faith: Identity - Part Two (of 4): Ambassadors of Reconciliation

By: Rev. Dr. John Nunes
As redeemed children of God through faith in Christ, we are called to love and reconciliation in our relationships. In Nurturing Your Faith: Ambassadors of Reconciliation, we see Jesus demonstrating the attitude we should have toward one another. In His life and in His death and resurrection, His example directs us to sacrificially love others, embracing them in peace and seeking their eternal wellbeing.

Increasingly, the world is becoming more contentious and divisive. Even in the church, we often let our differences harden into walls and divisions. This is not who God has called us to be. Instead, as Christ-centered reconcilers, we should be tearing down barriers, bridging unnecessary prejudices and biases in our thinking.

On our own, however, we are ill-equipped (and often not much interested) in doing this. Yet, God can empower us both to will and to do this very thing. By the Holy Spirit at work within us, we can be God's ambassadors of reconciliation, working toward peace with one another, as we bring our differences to the foot of the cross.

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