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Nurturing Your Faith: Life Together (Complete with all 4 sessions)

By: Dr. Dale Meyer
In Nurturing Your Faith: Life Together, Dr. Dale Meyer examines the believer's life in four sessions. Using 1 Peter's instructions on Christ-centered conduct and service, Meyer's study stresses the need to live like Jesus for others yet resist the world around us. Reflection questions prompt users to respond in their own words.

Nurturing Your Faith: Life Together is a four-session Bible study that explores the letter of 1 Peter and its implication for believers. We are transformed by God through faith. Led by His Spirit of hope to live holy before Him, we love and serve those in our communities while struggling against the world's influence. Our churches, too, should be welcoming places to non-believers who are looking for integrity, relevance, and a commitment to God's truth. Study author and host Dr. Dale Meyer introduces each video session. Discussion questions, Scripture references, and outside reading sources add depth and perspective.

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