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Nurturing Your Faith: Life Together - Part Four: A Belonging Place...

By: Dr. Dale Meyer
In Nurturing Your Faith: A Belonging Place and a Launching Base into the Community, Dr. Dale Meyer speaks to our need for neighborhood and community engagement. Though we are individuals, together we serve God and others so that God may be glorified through Jesus Christ.

As followers of Jesus, Christians look to the Bible for guidance and instruction. The Holy Spirit empowers us to engage others in love and service even as we resist the world and our flesh. In Nurturing Your Faith: Life Together, Dr. Dale Meyer shares insights gleaned as a pastor, teacher, and fellow believer. In four sessions, Meyer reminds the Christian to love and serve others, to lean on the Holy Spirit for daily power, to step out in faith into the lives of others, and to make our homes and churches a blessing to all.

Drawing inspiration primarily from 1 Peter, Dr. Meyer cites contemporary thinkers and theologians for additional insight. Extra Bible verses supplement each session's material, and reflection questions help to sharpen user focus throughout. Meyer's study emphasizes the need for all believers to fully engage those in their communities while relying steadfastly on God to guide our steps and bless our efforts. Each session includes a video featuring Meyer as study host.

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